Family Programmes and Workshops 

We offer tailored programmes for families and workshops for early childhood teachers, parents' groups and health professionals.

Tailored Programmes to Suit Your Needs

A wide range of factors contribute to the development of fussy eating behaviours and each child and family is different. If basic strategies you've heard from your child's teachers or doctor haven't worked for you, I'm the next step. I can tailor a programme that suits your family, based on the particular needs of your child. 

Step One

The first consultation usually takes an hour and involves a full assessment of your family's food habits with a focus on the fussy eater. Consultations can be done in person at your home, or over Skype. 

Step Two

 I develop a 10 week programme for you, that has specific goals for both you and your child each week. 

Step Three

Four times during this period, I check in with your progress - either in person or by Skype or phone depending on what suits you best. I also provide email support throughout for any questions or concerns you have.

Step Four

I do a final assessment and if we are both satisfied at the progress that has been made, the programme can be considered a success! In this case, you will need to continue to practise the techniques we worked on. If more work needs to be done, we will discuss the pathways that can be taken - either further work together, or if the problems appears to stem from an organic difficulty, then I can refer you. 


I also offer workshops for early childhood teachers, parents' groups and health professionals. In these three hour workshops, you learn strategies to manage problem mealtime behaviours. Peer learning is emphasised so that the experience and knowledge of all participants can benefit others in the group. 


Initial consultation only -- $150

10 week package -- $450

1.5 hour workshops -- $350 for up to 8 teachers

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